Relaxing on Bermuda's Beaches

Published: 02nd September 2010
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If you are thinking about a quick getaway to sandy beaches and clear blue skies, then think Bermuda. Located only two hours away from the US east coast, Bermuda is only a quick hop and within two short hours, you can be lying on one of Bermuda’s lovely beaches.

There are several types of beaches in Bermuda, and you would be hard pressed not to find one that suits your specific desires. One of the most popular beaches is the Horseshoe Bay Beach. This beach located in the western part of the island is featured in several magazines and is Bermuda’s mainstream beach. An ideal guest house close to this beach would be Wade’s Garden Inn. They are not located too far from there and transportation can be organized in a jiffy.

Horseshoe Bay Beach would be ideal if you are looking for a larger sized beach with lots of people, slightly larger surf, and amenities such as food and restrooms. However, there are several other smaller beaches that can give you exclusive privacy, which many tourists do not know about. There are literally hundreds of beaches of this type. Your best bet would be to ask a local or a taxi driver about the more secluded beaches if that is your flavour. These beaches will not have food stalls nor other amenities, but you may literally be the only people on the beach and have it completely to yourself!

One area that is not known as much to tourists, but has arguably the best beaches in Bermuda is the Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. There you will find seven beaches of different types with sand so soft you will believe that you are walking on air. There you will encounter a large beach that has beautiful sand and a fabulous peninsular. However, if you look about more, you can find smaller hidden beaches where there will be little to no people about.

Cooper’s Island is located in the eastern part of the island and more specifically, in St. David’s. You will need to either rent a scooter or take a taxi to get out there. You will pass by Clear Water Beach, but don’t stop there; you will need to go a bit further for the true treasures in Cooper’s Island. You will also need to walk a bit to get to the beaches, but the walk is worth it! Make sure you have plenty sunscreen and bring your own snacks, drinks, and food, because there are no concession stands out there. Ideal guest houses would be located in St. George or even the Grotto Bay Beach Resort which is located near the airport.

So, if you are ready to unwind a bit and take a nice vacation, Bermuda is the place for you. Direct flights from several US east coast cities are readily available and can be found for very reasonable rates. If you search thoroughly, you may be able to find flights for as low as $87 each way. There are also several sites that can help you book your stay in a fabulous hotel. One of them would be Bermuda Hotels. Their website is Several hotels and guest houses that offer great service for your Bermuda vacation can be found on this site.

So what are you waiting for? Get online, research flights and hotels and you can be laying off on one of Bermuda’s fabulous beaches in a few hours time!

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